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Royal Albert Fine Bone China Collection

Royal Albert Fine Bone China Collection

Show off the timeless beauty of Royal Albert's Teacup Collection

Vintage Victorian designs dominating the modern days of tea-making are the highlight of having the popular Royal Albert china teaware. The Royal Albert collection is currently produced by Wedgwood, a company located at Stoke-on-Trent in the United Kingdom, and is a trusted manufacturer of English tea and dinnerware made of fine bone china, porcelain, and ceramic. The Royal Albert fine bone china product line projects an aristocratic element, complementing the lush experience of drinking tea by yourself using a tea-for-one or with friends and family in the company of a gorgeous tea set. Display the superb craftsmanship, beauty, and sophistication brought by every piece of the Royal Albert fine bone china collection. Check out the Royal Albert bone china collection in English Tea Store today. Subscribe to our newsletter and know more about the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales. 

More than 100 years of Royal Albert's tea set enchantment: A tribute to a Prince

A fusion of style and functionality is guaranteed with every Royal Albert bone china piece presented on your table. Royal Albert is a trusted brand since 1904, under the Wedgwood company, to deliver high-quality china and dinnerware. It was established by the father-and-son tandem of Thomas Wild Sr. and Thomas Clarke Wild in a factory called Albert Works in Stroke-on-Trent, producing china teaware that dates back to 1896. The impeccable creations of Thomas Wild were granted a Royal Warrant after committing a collection of commemorative items for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, thus giving birth to the Royal Albert name in 1904. The Albert Works factory and the Royal Albert brand were named after Queen Victoria's consort and husband, Prince Albert, which has helped in the successful marketing of the brand. If you're looking for the finest teaware made of resilient bone china, the Royal Albert has exquisite patterns to offer your unique flair.    

Is Royal Albert bone china considered valuable? Why is it so expensive?

Royal Albert bone china collections are molded with pride, elegant stylings, attention to detail, and incredible craftsmanship. The brand puts forward a rich heritage of pottery using fine, white, and pure bone china materials that elevated Royal Albert as one of the most sought-after names in exquisite English teaware. Each piece of a Royal Albert tea set undergoes outstanding production techniques and raw materials, making it a valuable and treasured teaware to have in the homes of every family of tea drinkers. Due to the brand's popularity and sophisticated print designs, Royal Albert has been copied throughout the years. Make sure you purchase the authentic Royal Albert fine bone china collection. We at English Tea Store are delighted to serve you the best series this brand has to offer.

Identifying Royal Albert backstamps: How can you tell if the Royal Albert china tea set is genuine or fake?

The Royal Albert collections exhibit magnificent designs with utmost beauty and elegance that copycats usually duplicate for lower prices and quality. Don't be fooled by bogus Royal Albert teaware in the market and buy from accredited retailers. The English Tea Store is the best online venue to purchase your Royal Albert tea essentials. But if you happen to buy a Royal Albert piece somewhere or have an heirloom passed to you by a family member, there are ways to check your item's authenticity.

 For teaware produced in 1894 by the Wilds, the back stamps picture a crown with the initials of Thomas Clarke Wild or the name of the pattern displayed on the product. These printed or impressed marks were used from 1894 to 1904 before the Royal Albert brand was officially launched. The Royal Albert brand name was first used on the back stamps in 1905 up to the presently-produced teaware. It started with a circular band carrying the Royal Albert Crown China trademark laid on the outer edge and an image of a crown placed in the inner circle with the pattern name. The design name may also appear on top of the circular stamp. This back stamp layout lasted until 1907 when it was replaced by another circular mark but with the crown resting on top of the ring figure. The branding Royal Albert Crown China remains on the outer circular band while the inner circle shows a logo that resembles the TCW initials. The place of manufacture, England, is printed below the disk stamp together with the pattern name of the teaware. This stamp design was used until 1922.

In 1917, the company handling Royal Albert became T.C.W. and Sons which paved the way for another rendition of the back stamp. This post-WWI stamp design omits the orb from previous backstamp marks of the Royal Albert collection. The crown element is showcased at the center with the Royal Albert Crown China positioned around it in arch form. The T. C. Wild text and England as the place of production are at the bottom of the crown. This stamp version was printed until 1925. 

Almost the same layout appeared from 1925 to 1927. The only difference from the previous stamp was the removal of the T. C. Wild text and the pattern name. To distinguish the collection the teaware belongs, the back stamp carries the similar color of the pattern instead of indicating it in words. The inclusion of parts of the pattern on the back stamp was launched from 1927 until 1935. The stamp design also indicates the store where the collection is exclusively distributed for sale and the pattern name in cursive writing. You can see the item's registration number on the back stamp as well. The crown back stamp still went on during this period but it is only imprinted on products with hand-painted patterns. The Royal Family back stamps emerged from 1927 to 1935 for similar Royal Albert teaware styles supplied to Her Majesty or any member of the Royal Family.

The first Royal Albert Bone China back stamps were seen from 1935 to 1940. The back stamp shows a part of the pattern with the text Royal Albert Crown China replaced by Royal Albert Bone China. Back stamps in the 1980s show the copyright dates on the patterns. The color and presentation of the back stamps improved during the 1990s when patterns on the back stamp are printed finely and clearly. Royal Albert also produced designs for companies in 2002 which led to the company name inclusion in the stamp layout. They extended by putting in some more countries manufacturing the Royal Albert brand on the stamp. So instead of only seeing England in the back stamp like the other designs distributed in the market, you can now see if a Royal Albert collection is made in Thailand, Portugal, China, Indonesia, Japan, or England.

Some back stamps are printed with mistakes such as typographical errors, backward texts, or misprinted words and graphics. Having these errors doesn't make your Royal Albert teaware fake. Send the proof of the mistake to your retailer or email the pictures of the back stamp to the Royal Albert team for verification.        

Explore the bestselling patterns of the Royal Albert Bone China Collection from England

The Royal Albert name has manufactured a lot of designs over the years, but some patterns are still crowd favorites since their launch. English Tea Store proudly presents Royal Albert's finest bone china collections, making a brilliant statement to serve your tea parties. Your tea time looks splendid and upscale when you have a fancy Royal Albert tea set to show off. Take a look at our roster of exquisite teaware and indulge yourself with your delectable tea blend and the elegant tea presentation that holds your infusion. From the Old Country Roses of 1962 to the Confetti fine bone china collections, Royal Albert is the go-to teaware that is proven to never go out of fashion. 

The classic elegance of a Royal Albert's Old Country Roses teapot, cup, saucer, creamer, and dinnerware set

One of the world's most loved and widely sold fine bone china teaware is Royal Albert's Old Country Roses fine bone china collection. It features a stunning floral border using prints of colorful English roses. This beautiful tableware has a wide assortment of teaware pieces that include a 3-piece set, tea saucers, mugs, a sugar bowl and creamer set, and dessert plates. Every teaware collector has this classic design and it's about time you have yours too. You can also share this striking teaware with loved ones as the Royal Albert Old Country Roses tableware is a terrific gift item for the young and old tea aficionado.

Celebrating the beauty of nature with Royal Albert's Miranda Kerr Friendship set

Miranda Kerr outdid herself when she designed this Friendship collection for Royal Albert. It exhibits a soothing graphic displaying her garden's colors and her love for nature. The Friendship pattern on the Royal Albert teaware exudes the softness of the feminine touch, perfect to flaunt in any gathering and occasion held over a cup of your invigorating tea blend. The collection offers a 3-piece tea set, a tea-for-one, teacups and saucers, and a dessert plate purchased in singles, all found in the English Tea Store product roster. Celebrate womanhood every time you brew and pour your tea with Royal Albert's Miranda Kerr Friendship teaware. 

It is girl power for the Royal Albert Cheeky Pink collection

Stylishly sassy is an attribute of the Royal Albert Cheeky Pink pattern. The design boasts an adorable graphic highlighted by a bubblegum pink shade, depicting a fun, playful, and light-hearted personality. Having Royal Albert's Cheeky Pink tea piece is a manifestation of your charming femininity and grace through the way you set up your tableware. Enjoy tea time with your girlfriends in the company of Royal Albert's Cheeky Pink teacups and saucers.  

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