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Vienna Egg Nog Flavored Black Tea - Loose Leaf

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The Vienna Egg Nog Flavored Black Tea blend from English Tea Store is based on the rum-based versions of the early Americas. Delightfully sweet with notes of caramel and ginger, this blend is delicious on it's own, or with a splash of real rum.

Eggnog, the popular spiced, milk-based holiday beverage is thought to descend from an ancient European drink called Posset. The drink was made by boiling milk and adding wine or ale, which would cause it to curdle. Spices, typically nutmeg and cinnamon were then added to fill out the flavor.

During the Middle Ages, Posset was generally consumed to as a remedy for the common cold and to ease general bodily aches and pains. By the 13th century, it is said that monks began adding eggs to their Posset, an innovation that would ultimately lead to the creation of Eggnog, centuries later.

During the 18th century, a variation of the drink is thought to have crossed the Atlantic to what were then still British Colonies in the Americas. Initially, cheap Rum from the Caribbean was used to prepare the beverage. After the Revolutionary War however, with their supply of Rum cut off, American's blending Eggnog with whiskey and bourbon. Around this time it also came to be associated with the holidays, a tradition that continues to this day.

The Vienna Egg Nog Flavored Black Tea is gluten free.

Ingredients:Black tea, Cinnamon + Ginger pieces, Clove, Natural flavors (Organic Compliant).

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Caffeine content: Medium - This tea contains natural caffeine found in the L. Camellia Sinensis family. A cup of black tea steeped in boiled water for 5 minutes will contain between 27 to 35 milligrams of caffeine. An equal sized cup of coffee will contain between 80 - 100 milligrams of caffeine. Caffeine quickly becomes soluble in very hot water. If you wish to reduce the caffeine level in this tea, briefly rinsing the tea leaves in extremely hot water will reduce the caffeine content between 25-50% with only a minor effect on taste.

Antioxidant Content: High - polyphenols by dry weight. The longer you steep your tea the more polyphenols will be extracted. (Test results based on 5 minutes steeping time. Polyphenol percentages may fluctuate with lot, grade of tea, testing method, temperature of water and freshness of tea). More antioxidants are extracted from tea (L. Camellia Sinesis) the longer it is brewed. And the more tea is used, the greater the antioxidant benefit.

The tea blend that tastes just like an egg nog

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Sri Lanka
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Loose Leaf Tea
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Dietary Options:
Gluten Free
Black Tea
Christmas Tea
Flavored Black Tea
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