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Typhoo Tea Cards - Trees of the Countryside

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Typhoo Tea - Trees of the Countryside Issued in 1937 in the UK, the Wild Flowers in their Families 25-card (2nd series) set of Typhoo tea cards features a genus of wildflowers with labeled drawings and descriptions for each flower. The colorful flowers and weeds are shown on a pale yellow background. The back of each card features an advertisement for the “Coronation Year” Fountain Pen. The first Wild Flowers in their Families series was issued in 1936, featuring a pale blue background. Both sets of wildflower cards served as reference guides for flowers and quickly became collector’s items.

Mountain Ash
No. 3 – MOUNTAIN ASH (Pyrus Aucuparia) ORDER: Rosaceae
Average height 20 feet. Trunk straight. Bark deep-grey and smooth, later fissuring with horizontal scars. Flowers, massed in large flat heads. Leaves have from 11 to 19 leaflets. Fruit, yellow within, eaten by birds.
Horse Chestnut
No. 7 – HORSE CHESTNUT (Aesculus hippocastanum) ORDER: Hippocastaneaceae
Average height 50-60 feet. Trunk tapering. Bark smooth at first, later furrowed and scaly. Leaves large, with 5 or 7 leaflets. Flowers clustered in pyramids. Fruit spiny with 1 to 3 seeds.
Douglas Fir
No. 11 – DOUGLAS FIR (Pseudotsuga Douglasii) ORDER: Coniferae
Average height 80 feet. Trunk straight, tapering. Bark reddish brown, scaly and fissured. Leaves-dark green flat needles, solitary. Woody scale, showing seeds. Ripe cone pendant. Female flower. Male flower.
Common Lime
No. 14 – COMMON LIME (Tilia europaea) ORDER: Tiliaceae
Average height 50 feet. Trunk tall, with many slender branches. Bark grayish-brown, becoming fissured. Leaves heart shaped, pointed, smooth above. Flowers, borne in clusters. Fruit- (Seed rarely ripens in this country).
No. 25 – YEW (Taxus baccata) ORDER: Coniferae
Average height 35 feet. Trunk thick and rugged. Bark reddish-brown, scaling in thin plates. Leaves dark green above, paler below.
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