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Jacob's Jaffa Cakes - 5.3oz (147g)

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Jaffa Cake flavors: A box full of mixed orange and chocolate delight

Fancy the bursting savory sensation from each bite of Jacob's Jaffa Cakes! This confection takes pride in its scrumptious flavors, fused with a thin golden soft base, a zesty-sweet orange jelly disc at the top of the sponge, and a lightly bitter, partly sweet plain chocolate topping. The perfect combination of sweet-citrusy tartness and texture enslaves the taste buds that will surely make you want more. So if you're looking for not-too-sugary sweets, these classic Jaffa cakes are the excellent choice for you! Have these goodies to complement your favorite cup of brewed tea or coffee while reading your paperback or spending break time at work. You can even serve these cakes chilled or coming out straight from the freezer for a remarkable, flavorful kick. Relaxing with a good bite has never been so tastefully fulfilling and refreshing when you have the Jaffa cakes to keep you company.

Proven to be one of the best in the biscuit industry, Jacob's Jaffa Cakes continue to deliver the most delectable fusion of flavors for over sixty years and counting. Jacob's Jaffa Cakes, made and imported from the UK, is now the 3rd biggest in the biscuit market.

Order now and get quantity discounts when you purchase six or more boxes of Jacob's Jaffa cakes!

Is Jaffa Cake a biscuit, cookie, or cake?

Get to know your sweet confection with this little trivia! The Jaffa cake is a well-known British snack figure for quite a long while. It has been granted the title of a cake due to its spongey texture. It is made from cake-like batter compared to the thick dough of biscuits. When it goes stale, a cake goes hard while a biscuit goes soft. Though it takes the size and shape of what the Brits call biscuits and the Americans devour as cookies, the Jacob's Jaffa pastry is, indeed, more of a cake than any other. There is no need to look for a bakeshop to serve you a slice of cake! Have a Jacob's Jaffa Cake to go and sink your teeth on it anywhere without needing a plate.

The origin of the Jaffa Cake

The first Jaffa cake was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1927, measuring 54mm in diameter and composed of a sponge base, orange jelly disc on top of the sponge, and chocolate over the jam. Its name takes after the zesty jam highlight of the cake that comes from Jaffa oranges, cultivated by Arab farmers in the Middle East and are also grown in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Jaffas are known to have an excellent sweet and fine taste, perfect to complement the piquancy of plain chocolate that registers a semi-sweet flavor.

What is the jelly in Jaffa Cakes made of? Find out its ingredients

A pack of this mouthwatering snack contains 5.3 ounces or 147 grams of pure delight made from sugar and glucose, with 19% chocolate blended from sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, butter oil, vegetable oil, and soya lecithin emulsifier.

Its orange jelly disc on top of the sponge base is composed of 0.5% of concentrated orange juice and orange base concentrate with pectin gelling agents, making it suitable for vegetarians to indulge in this sweet treat.

How many Jaffa Cakes are in a packet?

Jacob's Jaffa Cakes offers ten mini bite-sized cakes, ready to consume anywhere and anytime right from the packet. It is perfect to serve as desserts after a full-packed lunch meal at work or school and can be accompanying goodies to grace tea parties at home. Always on the go? Take a Jaffa cake with you for a heartwarming treat. Each mini Jaffa cake gives 53 calories that you can easily burn after a few minutes of walking or swimming.

Put some Jaffa fix into your dessert recipes

Make the most out of your bowlful of desserts by adding the iconic flavors of the Jaffa Cakes into them! Some recipes may take a few minutes to make but putting in the Jaffa Cake magic is really worth the wait! You can simply top your Hummingbird-inspired cupcakes and sundaes with Jacob's Jaffa Cakes or have them as a frozen layer for your drool-worthy ice cream scoop. You can also decorate the flavor of your bread pudding by putting Jacob's Jaffa Cakes as a middle layer of your easy homemade pastry.

Please note: This item cannot ship out to Canada. Canada prohibits dairy and beef products manufactured in the United Kingdom to be shipped into their country. Thank you.

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