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Horlicks Original Malt Powdered Drink - A nutritious and delicious way to revitalize the body!

Give your body a healthy beverage to regain your strength through enough rest and sleep. The Horlicks Original Malt Powdered Drink is imported from the United Kingdom and is a perfect dietary supplement to provide you with much-needed vitamins and minerals to keep the body away from sickness and stress.

The Horlicks Original Malt, when consumed, keeps your tummy full while saving you from hunger and enjoying your long hours of restful sleep. It does not contain caffeine or artificial coloring, flavorings, and sweeteners. Sipping this nutritious drink helps your body recuperate while having a sound, uninterrupted slumber. Recover from the day's pressure and get a good night's sleep after taking a cup of Horlicks Original Malt drink mixed with hot milk.

The Horlicks History: the making of The Original Malt

The Horlicks Original Malt was founded, perfected, and patented by brothers, James and William Horlick. The Horlicks company had been giving the best sweet malted milk hot drink since 1869 and is continuously patronized by many generations until today. From being first marketed as a meal supplement for infants and invalids to the aged and travelers, Horlicks had developed into a favorite family drink throughout the years. It, still, is consistently offering the Original Malt as the perfect before-bedtime nutritious drink that anybody, young and old, loves to enjoy for over 15 decades.

The Horlicks Original Malt Ingredients: What is Horlicks made of?

The 10.5-oz. (300g) Horlicks Original Malt Jar contains a powdered malted beverage made with malted barley, wheat, and dairy intended to go with hot milk. It promotes a strong immune system, teeth, and bones with a blend of vitamins and minerals composed of Vitamins A, C, E, D, B6, B2, B1, B12, Pantothenic Acid, Niacin, Folic Acid, Biotin, Ferric Pyrophosphate, and Zinc Oxide. These nourishments come from a mixture of 55% wheat flour, 15% malted barley, dried whey, sugar, calcium carbonate, vegetable fat, dried skimmed milk, and salt.

The Benefits of Horlicks Malted Milk: How Horlicks is good for your health?

The Horlicks Original Malt works its magic inside your body while you're sleeping like a baby. Imbibing its trademark flavor of cream and malt, a cup of this malted milk is packed with the potent goodness that your body requires to get you ready for your next day's adventures.

It has Vitamin B6 to separate the protein from the food you consumed during your waking hours. This malted drink lessens your stress level and helps your body not to feel too exhausted. It aids the body to produce strong red blood cells and provides you with immunity from diseases. The Original Malt is a good source of niacin to handle your neurological health. The other B Vitamins are also present in the composition of the Horlicks Original Malt. Thiamin, niacin, and biotin deliver energy to the body, making you ready for another day ahead all the time.

Horlicks Original Malt contains Vitamin D to take in and maintain calcium and phosphorus in the body. It assists the body's system to ensure superb day-to-day muscle and bone activity. Vitamin C shields your cells from the imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body. This vitamin enables the Original Malt drink to drive away fatigue, memory loss, muscle and joint pain, headaches, and even wrinkles from your system. Vitamin C supports the absorption of Iron, which is also contained in every Horlicks Original Malt serving.

Folic acid is best to create new cells in the body and is highly essential for expecting mothers. Pregnant women are encouraged to drink Horlicks once a day for a well-nourished pregnancy.

Horlicks Original Malt gives Vitamin A to the body. This vitamin commits good eye vision and manages eyesight problems. This malt drink also promotes good digestion as it is enriched with dietary fiber that expels body waste and toxins regularly.

Sleep and unwind better after a cup of Horlicks

No more tossing and turning! Take a healthy break that you deserve after you've indulged in a hot cup of Horlicks Original Malt every night before you hit the sack. Horlicks supplies malt extracts on every serving that provides a soothingly warm relish, making you more relaxed and comfortable. There is no medical attribute that Horlicks can trigger sleepiness, but it is indeed a drink to help your body's system calm down and regenerate. Fancy a Horlicks drink any time of the day to ease your way out of a tense situation or simply restart yourself.

Make the perfect recipe for a delicious and nutritious Horlicks drink

Are you a fan of hot milk drinks? Savor a delightful warm cup of the Horlicks Original Malt. Put in 3-4 teaspoons, equivalent to 25g of Horlicks, and 200ml of hot milk into your cuppa. Mix it well and be ready to be amazed by its creamy and malty flavor. If you're at the office and without access to boil your milk on a stove, pour in the same amount of the Original Malt and cold milk into a microwavable mug. Place the mixture inside the microwave and set it for one minute at 800w. After the first heating, stir the blend well and put it back in the microwave for another 30 seconds.

If you want your Horlicks Original Malt consumed cold, simply mix 3-4 teaspoons of Horlicks and 200ml of cold milk in the blender or shaker. Adore its mouth-watering creamy taste with ice!

Enjoy quantity savings when you buy six or more jars of this nutritious beverage!

Net Weight: 10.5 ounces (300 grams)

Please note: This item cannot ship out to Canada. Canada prohibits dairy and beef products manufactured in the United Kingdom to be shipped into their country. Thank you.

This long-loved drink mix has been said to promote uninterrupted sleep

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