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Barr's Irn Bru - 16.9 fl (500ml)

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The Scottish iron brew drink to boost your energy since 1901

Quench your thirst with a gulp from a bottle of this Irn Bru tonic-like soft drink that includes caffeine and sugar content to jumpstart your system as you do a long hard day's work. Irn Bru was first founded by Robert Barr in 1875 in Falkirk, Scotland. It was positioned in the market as "aerated water" and was introduced in 1901 as a refreshing carbonated soft drink called "Strachan's Brew" by AG Barr, the manufacturer of Irn Bru. In 1946, Irn Bru was primarily branded as Iron Brew but was rejected due to technicalities, Hence, the Irn Bru brand was born in July of that year.

With sugar in this product's content, Irn Bru spikes up your body's power and stamina to continue the day without a hint of fatigue. Irn Bru also eases an unruly stomach and reduces the feeling of shakiness. Not only that a bottle of Irn Bru is an energizer, but this brand is also known as a hangover cure although there was not enough scientific basis to prove it. People's experiences had been strong testimonies to this claim.

A bottle of Irn Bru is a brand that will definitely keep you going.

Why is Irn Bru Scotland's national drink?

As famous as the kilts, bagpipes, and haggis of Scotland, Irn Bru's bottle is a well-loved Scottish drink in a distinguished design of its own bearing the orange and blue color combination. The use of colors is derived from the Barr family's tartan with the pattern revised in 1997 and registered in The Scottish Register of Tartans.

Barrs' Irn Bru has been a part of the Scottish culture with this soft drink representing one of Scotland's iconic symbols. This love for Irn Bru started in 1901 when steelworkers at the Glasgow Central Station drank too many a bottle of beer to relieve their thirst. AG Barr soothes these hardworking people's need for a revitalizing beverage, uplifting their energy level without getting tipsy while taking on their heavy job. Since then, Irn Bru becomes the favorite drink in Scotland. So when they released an advertising campaign called "The Other National Drink" first mounted on a billboard at the Glasgow Central Station, there had been minimal protests against the tagline.

This brand is so successful in Scotland that it overtook the top spot in the country away from world-leading carbonated soft drink products. The Scottish market sells a bottle of Irn Bru faster than the speeding bullet and even retails 20 cans per second in other countries!

In recent years, the present logo is revised to portray strength and an industrial feel that is nostalgic to the first time Irn Bru was launched into the steel working sector.

What does Irn Bru taste like? Discover its unique flavor

Each bottle of Irn Bru boasts an original recipe that only three people know. Its mixture includes 32 flavors, which Twitter-verse calls the orange flavor but not pertaining to the fruit. Its distinct taste is so complex that it is perceived to carry a combination of sweet, citrus and deep blackcurrant notes, zesty and cream soda fusion, or as sparkling bubblegum.

Irn Bru's one-of-a-kind flavor also complements other soft drinks such as root beer or ginger ale. You can even pour Irn Bru into an ice-filled glass, stirred with dollops of lemon juice or Tabasco sauce! It is also an excellent mix or chaser drink for your whiskey, Irish cream liquor, or any of your favorite alcoholic beverages.

What is Irn Bru made of? Take a look at this bottled soda's ingredients

Aside from the 32 natural and artificial flavorings that include caffeine and quinine, a bottle or can of Irn Bru features a blend of carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, sodium benzoate to preserve its flavor, aspartame and acesulfame K to sweeten, FD and C yellow no. 6 coloring, and phenylketonurics containing phenylalanine.

The rusty color of Irn Bru is an allusion to the girders, assumed by many people due to this product's advertising campaign released in 1980. But actually, Irn Bru does have iron in its ingredient list, having 0.002% of ammonium ferric citrate that serves as a food additive with iron hydroxide.

All these ingredients make up the irresistible soda that every Scottish household is accustomed to and preferred over the years.

How much caffeine is in Irn Bru?

Irn Bru is an energy booster because of its caffeine content that keeps your body on the go, enhances your mind's alertness and focus, and reduces fatigue while you're at it with your tasks. If you're wondering about the amount of caffeine there is in a can or bottle of Irn Bru, this drink has the lowest caffeine among other carbonated soft drinks and energy beverages. With caffeine amounting to 45mg in a 500ml bottle or 30mg in a 330ml can, Irn Bru gives your body enough kickstart without inducing insomnia, shakiness, anxiety, or shakiness into your system.

Irn Bru is tried and tested initially by Scottish workers in 1901 and is still helping people to be on their toes as they continue their work at the office or on the field. Buy a bottle of Irn Bru now to reboot your mind and body.

Net Weight: 16.9 fluid ounces (500 milliliters)

Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar (carbohydrate), citric acid, flavourings (including caffeine and quinine), preservative (E211), colours (E110, E124), ammonium ferric citrate (0.002%)

The famous Scottish drink in a bottle

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