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Cinnamon Flavored Black Tea - Loose Leaf



$6.99 $5.59

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Mildly spiced with a refreshing cinnamon flavor

Country of Origin: China

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$6.99 $5.59

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The Cinnamon Flavored Black Tea from English Tea Store is a naturally flavored black tea for a spicy hot beverage. Cinnamon is one of the most commonly used spice in the world. Throughout history, this pleasant smelling spice has been revered by almost all cultures in many different periods of time.

The 3 high-grown districts of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula and Uva, produce flavorful teas that have the classic ‘Ceylon’ tea character which is noted by floral bouquet and flavor notes, touches of mild astringency, bright coppery color and, most importantly, perfect for use as the base tea of our flavored teas. Dimbula and the western estates of Nuwara Eliya have a major quality peak during Jan/Feb, whereas Uva and the eastern estates of Nuwara Eliya have their peak in July/Aug. This ‘dual peak period’ allows us to buy the best for our flavored tea blends several times during the year, ensuring top quality and freshness. Using flavoring oils, not crystals, gives the tea drinker an olfactory holiday before indulging in a liquid tea treat.

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  • First time trying English Tea Store's Cinnamon Flavored Black Loose Leaf Tea? Try our Sample Size of 1 ounce.
  • Contents loose leaf tea net weight 4 ounces
  • Contents loose leaf tea net weight 16 ounces (1 pound)

Caffeine content: Medium - This tea contains natural caffeine found in the L. Camellia Sinensis family. A cup of black tea steeped in boiled water for 5 minutes will contain between 27 to 35 milligrams of caffeine. An equal sized cup of coffee will contain between 80 - 100 milligrams of caffeine. Caffeine quickly becomes soluble in very hot water. If you wish to reduce the caffeine level in this tea, briefly rinsing the tea leaves in extremely hot water will reduce the caffeine content between 25-50% with only a minor effect on taste.

Antioxidant Content: High - The longer you steep your tea the more polyphenols will be extracted. (Test results based on 5 minutes steeping time. Polyphenol percentages may fluctuate with lot, grade of tea, testing method, temperature of water and freshness of tea). More antioxidants are extracted from tea (L. Camellia Sinesis) the longer it is brewed. And the more tea is used, the greater the antioxidant benefit.

Cinnamon Flavored Black Tea - Loose Leaf

Cinnamon Flavored Black Tea - Loose Leaf.

Rating: 4.6/5 based on 11 review(s)
  • Price: $5.59 - In stock

Customer Reviews

Delicious Review by Linda
I purchased this tea just to add a little cinnamon flavor to some of my other tea flavors (like Peach) on occasion. Little did I know then that I would be adding a touch of cinnamon to almost every tea I have! It's wonderful with Earl Grey as well as peach & chai, but what surprises me most is how much I like it in herbal blends. If you like to blend teas, this is a must! (Posted on 2/21/2017)
Inspiriting - Five stars. Review by JerseyJeffersonian
As a true lover of cinnamon, I am glad to have encountered this blend, because it is the real deal. The brewing instructions are to be adhered to as this will guarantee the optimal flavor and intensity of your brew. (Posted on 10/20/2016)
enjoying again! Review by Sharon
We had used this flavor of tea several years ago and enjoyed it. We wanted to try several new flavors so we set this cinnamon flavor aside for a while. We decided to order some again and are very happy that we did. It has a very delightful cinnamon flavor. If you like cinnamon you will definitely like. We will make sure we have it on hand all the time again. (Posted on 10/6/2016)
Great Cinnamon Tea!!! Review by Freda
This is my husband's favorite tea. He always uses all of it before I am ready to reorder. This time I am ready for him. I am buying 3 pounds! (Posted on 9/19/2015)

Additional Information

Product Type Loose Leaf Tea
Brand English Tea Store
Tea Type Black Tea, Ceylon Tea, Flavored Black Tea
Flavor Cinnamon
Package Size 4oz
Dietary Options Caffeinated, Gluten Free
Manufacturer Part Number TOLSLL_BLKCIN
Country of Origin China

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