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Vanilla Teabags

Vanilla Teabags

Highly prized vanilla has filled history books with tales of intrigue by those who would spirit it away and demand high prices for the only edible fruit of the orchid family. For the delicious taste of vanilla and raspberries, try Taylors of Harrogate raspberry and vanilla string and tag teabags. This naturally caffeine-free tea from England adds sweet blackberry leaves, apple pieces, poppy flowers and blackcurrant leaves to a popular natural vanilla blend.

England's PG Tips has created a combination of Southern African red bush tea from rooibos with vanilla flavoring to produce its Smooth Red Bush and Vanilla herbal teabags. This popular tea is also flavored with cranberry and hibiscus. Harney & Sons has created a dessert tea from handpicked decaffeinated Ceylon teas combined with vanilla for its Vanilla Comoro Tea sachets packaged in a handsome tin. Shop all our top brands of vanilla-flavored teabags. Store them in our handsome wooden tea chests.