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Tea Strainers

Filter those flavorful English loose-leaf tea with the best tea infusers for teapots

Release the fine taste of your special blended tea, brewed with excellence using English Tea Stores tea filters, strainers, and infusers. Whether an avid tea drinker prefers the neatness and convenience of steeping tea from a tea bag or the stronger flavor dispersed from loose tea leaves, these tea strainers and infusers help bring out every ounce of delectable piquancy to pour into a tea drinker's mug. Enjoy your tea like how English families relish their cup of tea goodness, with the right stainless steel tea infuser accessories and the exact steeping instructions to produce the perfect blend for you and your loved ones.

Choosing the correct tool in brewing your tea: What is the difference between a tea strainer, steeper, and infuser?

These tea utensils may look different from one another but a tea strainer, tea infuser, and tea steeper are all the same. They serve to accommodate that loose-leaf tea and restrict them from getting into your brewing cup. So technically, it's just the name that makes them different. But if you want to delve into their shape and size, stainless steel tea strainers come in a large basket design to use for your teapot infusions or smaller ones with a handle and dripper for your standard-ounce mug. Tea infusers are also in the form of tea balls and spoon infusers that hold a very limited amount of tea leaves and even a tea bag for the perfect tasting cup of hot tea. Make the best tea using this instrument as it allows roomy space to let the tea leaves dispense the rich flavor and aroma you love to indulge in every day.

To prepare and keep the warmth and comfort of your tea drink, English Tea Store has tea accessories that will beautifully complete your tea sets. Read more facts about choosing the right tea strainer/infuser for you through our English Tea Store blog.

The benefits of a mesh stainless steel tea brewer

If you're looking for efficiency to steep your tea leaves embellishments aside, mesh stainless steel tea infusers are the sturdy and dependable to brew the best cup of tea. This durable yet affordable instrument is necessary to keep the loose-leaf tea's flavor according to how strong the taste you prefer your tea to have, even when you don't fill the teapot to the maximum water level.

Produce quality tea without worrying about small tea particles and much sediment floating on your infusion. Stainless steel strainers are the top pick to filter your black and green tea leaves effectively, keeping the loose tea leaves from escaping and continuously steeping the flavor while the small particles swim on your favorite blended hot tea drink. Having those unwanted pesky tea leaves on your cup for a long time still spreads the flavor through the hot water and may unnoticeably generate a stronger brew. You may want to check the mesh structure of your stainless steel strainer. Brewers with mesh holes weaved too far apart are not ideal for fine loose-leaf teas and lower-quality tea. Make sure you get infusers with finely woven, double-layered mesh for better filtration from the smallest bits your loose-leaf tea might contain.

Mesh stainless steel strainers are resistant to corrosion and resilient to deterioration due to oxidation, perfect for your everyday cup. The material is safe to use to prepare food and beverages, especially when brewing tea leaves. Stainless steel infusers are also easy to use and clean, while some are dishwasher-friendly. You can enjoy your hot tea and won't find it hard to clean up once you're finished with the last sip.

Make tea with tea leaves and a steeper: How do you use a tea diffuser on a pot?

Your tea leaves are best brewed when you brew them using a strainer/infuser. Simply prepare hot water from the kettle and wait for a minute for the water to cool down a little after it reaches the boiling point. While waiting for the water, put your stainless steel mesh strainer with a wooden handle inside your pre-heated teapot and fill it with the required teaspoonfuls of loose-leaf tea.

Once the strainer with the tea leaves is in place inside the pot, pour the hot water over the tea leaves and close the lid of the teapot to keep the infusion warm. Let the tea leaves steep for a while according to the recommended brewing time to discharge the taste. To relish the perfect strength of the tea, make sure that the steeping time is followed. Brew your black tea for three to five minutes, while green, white, and oolong teas should sit for two to three minutes. Herbal teas take four to six minutes to infuse and savor a luscious blend.

Circulate the flavor after steeping by transferring the infused liquor from the teapot to your ounce mug and vice versa. Do this procedure several times until you get the flavor that best suits your taste buds. Take the strainer out from the teapot when you get the right taste. For hot summer days and the right type of tea, relocate the brewed tea to a pitcher and drop some ice to enjoy a refreshing beverage.

Brew your bagged tea with the help of a tea squeezer

Some busy-bodies like their tea on the go, having their favorite blended drink infused from tea bags. Extract all the richness of your tea leaves from the bag until the last drop using a tea squeezer. All you have to do is hold the tea bag with the tong and clutch it over your tea cup or drip bowl to prevent the infused liquid from dribbling on the table or kitchen counter. Tea bags maintain the palatability of the tea leaves for up to two times of usage within 24 hours from the first brew. Squeezing the tea bags is ideal for the last time you steep them in your teacup. The strength of your tea leaves' flavor may weaken if you start pressing the bags after the first dip, and there is a chance your tea bag's material may break, unleashing the tea leaves, when you try to use the tea squeezer on the first infusion. Set and store the tea bag properly aside until the second brew.

How to use a tea strainer ball?

Tea strainers capture the tea leaves and infuse them with hot water within an enclosed ball-designed frame. Tea strainer balls are recommended to accommodate one to two teaspoons of larger bits of loose-leaf tea. These spherical tea strainers are typically used for brewing teas in teacups. Get the best deals from our tea infuser/strainer ball product line through English Tea Store's tea infusers page.

How do you clean a tea strainer with vinegar, baking soda, and commercial detergents?

The cleanliness of utensils is imperative especially when you use them with food and your flavorful beverage. Tea strainers, infusers, and other tea accessories are not exempted from deep cleaning to take out the blockages and prevent the discoloration of your tea essentials. Unclog the holes of your infusers and woven stainless steel strainers with homemade cleansers or dishwashing solutions from the supermarket rack.

Vinegar is one of those cooking ingredients that also provide cleaning properties to make your tea strainers squeaky clean. Submerge your tea strainers and infusers into a bowl filled with white vinegar for two to three hours to remove the blotches created from tea brewing and soften congested debris in between the weavings of the mesh. If you see stubborn stains, it is best to leave your strainers soaked in vinegar overnight. Rinse the vinegar off from the strainer totally and scrub with your preferred dishwashing liquid soap.

When using baking soda powder, prepare a bowl of hot water and stir one tablespoon of baking soda to make the cleansing solution. Soak the strainer for three to four hours, then wash it extensively to draw out the stuck particles. Scrub the strainer with a sponge and dishwashing liquid to make it even more spotless.

To make stainless steel strainers long-lasting, avoid cleaning materials with abrasive surfaces and components such as a ball of steel wool, or harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia.