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Tea of the Month Club

Tea of the Month Club

Great tasting tea delivered every month!

Subscription Type

  • Choose loose tea or bags
  • Includes two packs of 25 tea bags or two packs of 4 oz. loose tea.
  • Includes 5 tea bag samples or 1 oz loose tea samples.
  • FREE mystery gift every month.
  • Shipping is FREE!
  • Boxes ship the first week of each month

How Tea of the Month Club works

Valentines Day Tea Gift Box

Great Tasting Tea Delivered Every Month

Every month experience the world through our delicious teas. We have hand-picked these teas and are showcasing them at unbeatable prices, and you can now save even more by subscribing to our Tea of the Month deliveries.

Each box will bring you our featured loose leaf tea or tea bags, you can even subscribe to both! Included in every monthly shipment will be a surprise tea sample pack hand-selected by our in-house tea enthusiasts.

  • Step 1: Choose the Monthly or Annual Subscription Option.
  • Step 2: Choose Loose Tea or Tea Bags.
  • Step 3: Enjoy new tea delivered to your door every month.
Birthday Tea Gift Box


  • January

    Loose Tea

    • Ayurvedic Total Body - Wellness Tea
    • Tangiers Lemon Flavored White Tea
    • Versailles Lavender Earl Grey Tea Sample

    Tea Bags

    • Flu Fighter - Wellness Tea
    • Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea
    • Organic Ti Kuan Yin Slimming Oolong Tea Sample

  • February

    Loose Tea

    • Be Mine Chocolate Strawberry Flavored Herbal Tea
    • Across A Crowded Room Flavored Black Tea
    • Romeo & Juliet Hearts Green Tea Sample

    Tea Bags

    • Passion Fruit Flavored Black Tea
    • Blackcurrant Black Tea
    • Rose Black Tea Sample

  • March

    Loose Tea

    • Blarney Blend Black Tea
    • Cream Irish Breakfast Black Tea
    • Irish Cream Flavored Black Tea Sample

    Tea Bags

    • Gunpowder Green Tea
    • Peppermint Tea
    • Balance Tea Sample

  • April

    Loose Tea

    • Angels Dream Tea
    • Springberry Caffeine Free Herbal Tea
    • Spring in Place de la Madeleine Tea Sample

    Tea Bags

    • Raspberry Black Tea
    • English Breakfast Tea Blend No. 1
    • Key Lime Black Tea Sample
  • May

    Loose Tea

    • Dorian Grey Blend Tea
    • Lavender Butterfly Green Tea
    • Oolong Orange Blossom Estate Tea Sample

    Tea Bags

    • Darjeeling Tea
    • Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival Tea
    • Icewine Flavored Black Tea Sample

  • June

    Loose Tea

    • Hawaiian Colada Flavored Rooibos
    • Artic Raspberry Naturally Flavored Black Tea
    • Long Island Strawberry Green Tea Sample

    Tea Bags

    • Strawberry Flavored Black Tea
    • Monks Blend Black Tea
    • Cream Vanilla Black Tea Sample

  • July

    Loose Tea

    • Hibiscus Herbal Tea
    • Blue Suede shoes Green Tea
    • Pai Mu Tan White Tea Sample

    Tea Bags

    • Blueberry Flavored Black Tea
    • Berry Berry Herbal Tea
    • White Tea Sample

  • August

    Loose Tea

    • Brazilian Guava Tea
    • Lemon Black Tea
    • Sangria Flavored Herbal Tea Sample

    Tea Bags

    • Huckleberry Flavored Black Tea
    • Peach Black Tea
    • Earl Grey Decaf Tea Sample

  • September

    Loose Tea

    • Vanilla Chai Black Tea
    • Scottish Caramel Toffee Pu-erh Tea
    • Mercedes Apple Spice Tea Sample

    Tea Bags

    • Elderberry Black Tea
    • Cochin Masala Chai Tea
    • Maple Black Tea Sample

  • October

    Loose Tea

    • Rocky Horror Spice Tea
    • Blood Orange Flavored Black Tea
    • Alpen Mulled Wine Flavored Tea Sample

    Tea Bags

    • Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea
    • Icewine Flavored Black Tea
    • Focus Pocus Wellness Tea Sample

  • November

    Loose Tea

    • Cinnamon Bun Chai Flavored Rooibos Tea
    • Earl Grey Cream Tea
    • Orange Spice Flavored Black Tea Sample

    Tea Bags

    • Maple Black Tea
    • Assam Tea
    • Cranberry Orange Flavored Black Tea

  • December

    Loose Tea

    • Holiday Spice Flavored Black Tea
    • Sugar Plum Pudding Flavored Black Tea
    • Vienna Egg Nog Flavored Black Tea

    Tea Bags

    • Holiday Spice Tea
    • Screech Rum Black Tea Tea
    • Chocolate Mint Flavored Black Tea Sample

Why should I join the Tea of the Month Club?

1. It's a wonderful treat for yourself! You can enjoy the Best Tea Varieties when you get a Monthly Tea Subscription Box at 1 LOW PRICE!

Join a fantastic tea club that is excellent for every tea drinker! A monthly subscription to English Tea Store's Tea of the Month club gets you to take a sip of new and popular flavored teas per month that will satisfy your taste buds and your tea craving. From an assortment of green, black, herbal, organic, seasonal, wellness, or rare teas, our Tea of the Month Club fills a box with deliciously flavored tea offerings that you can't resist trying.  Come across the world's best tea selections every month with pricing that won't hurt the budget and great monthly savings by availing of our subscription programs. Club members get a surprise tea sampler pack per month, picked by English Tea Store's trusted tea aficionados!

2. To give as a gift! The perfect loose-leaf or tea bag gift you give yourself through this English Tea Store's tea membership

Options are available for each tea drinker as to what tea they want to deliver at their doorstep every month. You can choose to have monthly packages of loose-leaf tea or tea bags delivered as a gift! You can also choose to subscribe to both! Your friend, family member or loved one will receive a variety of tea types, new ones like Brazilian Guava Tea and even a favorite Earl Grey Tea, and relish a cup of tea goodness brought to you by the English Tea Store. Whoever receives this gift will surprise their palate by brewing a cup of tea with the different variants of black, green, and herbal teas once they open the monthly box. A subscription box is stuffed with two 25-pack tea bags or two parcels of 4 oz. loose tea leaves, plus a mystery tea variant all up for grabs per month with free shipping!

Please Note: Although we strive to provide you each month with the listed teas we reserve the right to substitute in the event the listed teas are out of stock for any reason.

What are the benefits of a tea subscription? Are tea subscription boxes worth it?

Never run out of a healthy tea drink that gives you a taste of global tea flavors when you subscribe to English Tea Store's Tea of the Month Club. You would not have to worry about replenishing your tea chest with premium tea blends as this membership sends you the best teas every month. Get high-quality tea with pricing that doesn't blow off the roof. Simply choose if you want to be billed monthly or annually to have your tea box regularly on a monthly basis for 12 months with free shipping. 

The Tea of the Month Club opens up your taste buds with a year full of flavorful cups of tea, finding yourself a new favorite blend from one of the packages sent straight to your home. Share the irresistible aroma of those brewed teas with your tea-loving family and friends as this subscription is an excellent gift for them to indulge in with pure delight. Save money as you sip your black or green tea, or soothe your body with the magic of herbal or wellness teas inside each box. Experience the best source of British tea provided by the English Tea Store. What are you waiting for?



By purchasing a Monthly Subscription, you agree and acknowledge that your subscription has an initial and recurring payment charge at the then-current subscription rate. You also accept responsibility for all recurring charges prior to cancellation, including any charges processed by after the expiration date of your payment card. Choosing this subscription bills you $19.99 per month with free shipping and no commitments that you can cancel anytime. 


When you select the Annual Subscription, you consent and recognize that your membership has an initial pre-payment feature for 12 months of service without a recurring Annual Subscription renewal. This enlistment program comprises any fees processed by after the expiration date of your payment card. The Annual Subscription costs a one-time regular pricing of $240 yearly with free shipping. Sign up now and get a 12% discount! Enjoy the Annual Subscription for only $211 once you register today!

Orders placed on or after the 1st of the month will ship the 1st business day of the following month.

Coupons do not be applied to tea subscriptions.

Please read our full terms and condition here.

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