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Do you always associate PG Tips with talking chimpanzee puppets? If you don't, you probably missed out on the longest-running advertising campaign according to the Guinness Book of World Records. PG Tips, England's most popular tea for 75 years, was first sold out of Arthur Brooke's Manchester, UK shop in 1869, long before television and commercials. By the 1930s, the tea was marketed as a pre-digestive or Pre-Gestee tea, hence the "PG" in the name. "Tips" came from the use of bud tips in the tea blend.

In recent years, PG Tips is known for its pyramid-shaped tea bags made from Freeflow material. By 1996, the pyramid bag shape, which resembles a miniature teapot, came into use and allowed for 50% more room for the tea to brew in the bag. The webbed Freeflow material was added a few years later, as it is more absorbent and decreases brewing time.

Currently, the tea used in PG Tips strong, distinct blend comes from only ethical and sustainable sources, such as the Rainforest Alliance.

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