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PG Tips

PG Tips - Buy English black tea with the Original PG Tips

Take pleasure in the perfectly smooth, crisp, and well-balanced taste of the Original PG Tips black tea blend. This popular British blend gives out a refreshing flavor that comes bolder than most flat conventional Indian and African tea plants. The Original PG Tips tea highlights the freshness of tea leaves wrapped in a specially designed tea bag. English Tea Store offers the Original PG Tips tea in a box of 40, 80, 160, and 240 tea bags. We also carry the PG Tips Tea in Gold, Extra Strong, Decaf, Iced Tea Bags, and Loose-leaf tea.

Know the history of the British PG Tips tea and its iconic monkey figure

The first cups of this amazing British tea were served when Arthur Brooke launched his first tea shop in Manchester in 1869. He founded the Brooke Bond and Company, using the term "bond" as his commitment to providing top-standard tea blends to his customers. The company ventured into wholesale tea sales in the 1870s, introducing different tea products that led to the birth of PG Tips Tea in 1930. PG Tips, first known as the Pre-Gest Tea, was positioned as a digestive tea that one can consume as a digestion relief before eating a meal. Grocers and tradesmen abbreviated the brand name to PG in 1950, while Arthur Brooke added "Tips" to give importance to how the tea leaves are harvested. PG Tips only uses the two topmost leaves and the bud of each tea plant to blend their best-selling tea.

The company's advertising campaign became a huge hit for PG Tips when it broadcasted the brand's first television ad in 1956. The advertisement featured monkeys or anthropomorphic chimpanzees famously called the Tipps family. PG Tips' sales skyrocketed in 1957 and made Brooke Bond the largest tea company in the world, with one-third share of the British and Indian tea markets. The appearance of the Tipps family lasted until January 2002 and was replaced by a clay animation of birds. The T-Birds ad campaign continued by the end of 2006. 

Until today, PG Tips is known to deliver the finest tea blends with or without its chimps and birds in the picture. This tea brand has built a trusted name that produces one of the best British tea blends in the market for almost a century. 

What kind of tea is in PG Tips, and where is the tea grown?

The delicious taste of PG Tips black tea is made from the finest Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan tea leaves. This blend puts forward a rich and revitalizing flavor similar to another Brits' favorite English Breakfast tea. PG Tips uses tea from Rainforest Alliance Certified tea gardens in East Africa to guarantee the highest-quality tea leaves to blend the perfect cups of PG Tips black tea.

What are the ingredients in PG Tips Tea?

The main ingredient for the Original PG Tips Tea is the black tea type that releases a bold, smooth flavor, making it one of the favorite tea blends in the United Kingdom. It is a fusion of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan teas that makes the flavor irresistible. This tea variant is an excellent source of antioxidants that help boost the immune system, help with digestion, keep you hydrated, and enhance focus and mental awareness. 

Is PG Tips tea high in caffeine, and how much caffeine is in a cup?

PG Tips black tea contains moderate caffeine content. One pyramid tea bag infused with 200ml or almost 7 ounces of water gives an average of 50mg of caffeine or 7.37 mg per fluid ounce. This tea is a perfect morning or afternoon drink if you don't intend to be too uptight, especially when you want to sleep soundly later on in the night. PG Tips is the right tea for you.  

What material are PG Tips tea bags made of and its benefits?

The tea bag version of PG Tips first appeared in the market in 1960, overturning sales in favor of bagged teas. Twenty years later, most tea drinkers preferred to infuse tea in cups instead of pots, making the demand for tea bags even higher. Steeping tea from a tea bag does not fully release the flavors of the leaves since the dust and fannings move within a limited space inside the wrapping. So what did PG Tips do to solve this matter? They revolutionized the design of their tea bags in 1990 and launched the unique PG Tips pyramid tea bag construction! The spacious shape allows the tea leaves to move more freely as if you're infusing your drink in a miniature teapot. This innovation is a terrific creation and is the eighth wonder of the tea world. The webbed Freeflow material was added a few years later, as it is more absorbent and decreases brewing time.

The call for better sustainability and environment-friendly tea products inspired PG Tips to convert to their first biodegradable tea bags in 2018. The change to webbed plant-based fiber tea bag material saved PG Tips an enormous 330 tons of plastics used in their tea bags annually. The company extended this biodegradable initiative further by taking out plastic film coverings as part of their packaging in 2021. Now, that's how to show love for Mother Nature!

How to make the best cup of PG Tips Tea?

Brew a perfectly great cuppa with your well-loved PG Tips Original Tea. Start by pouring freshly boiled water over your pyramid tea bag inside your mug. Steep the tea for two to three minutes, letting the tea leaves move inside the roomy tea bag. Once you reach the required time, squeeze the bag to release a little more flavor for a stronger brew. Enhance your tea by adding some sweeteners such as milk and sugar.