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Mars Galaxy Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar - 1.48oz (42g)

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Mars Galaxy Candy Bar

The Mars Galaxy Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar is a very rich and creamy chocolate candy bar. Imported from the UK, the Mars Galaxy candy bar is a delectable treat.

Ingredients: Sugar, skimmed milk powder, (cocoa mass), milk fat, cocoa ingredients (soya lecithin), whey powder, lactose, cocoa butter, vegetable fat.

Net Weight: 1.48 ounces (42 grams)

Please note: This item cannot ship to Canada. Canada prohibits dairy and beef products manufactured in the United Kingdom to be shipped into Canada. Thank you.

Indulge in a Galaxy of milk chocolate candy goodness

Feel the smooth milk chocolate rolling and melting inside your mouth, tasting like a galaxy of sweet candy richness. The Mars Galaxy Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar is one of the most delectable confections imported from the United Kingdom. This delicious treat satisfies the craving of every sweet tooth, bringing a heavenly sensation you can't resist. Grab a whole lot of this goody at the English Tea Store and experience the best of Britain's chocolates delivered right to your doorstep.

Open the box of the Mars Galaxy brand's rich history

The Galaxy chocolate bar was first manufactured and launched in the United Kingdom in the 1960s. This chocolate brand was made and marketed by Mars, Inc. and still stands as the second best-selling chocolate bar product in the British market. 

The Mars Galaxy brand set a memorable mark in the history of chocolate-making. Its smooth, fine-grained chocolate consistency became a turning point for women in the '60s to find enjoyment and see a silver lining from Britain's rationing limitations. This revolutionary chocolate still encourages the modern market to take pleasure in a delightful life, despite the stress-makers of the day, through every bite of a Galaxy of sweetness.

This mouth-watering milk chocolate carries different variants and is distributed in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Malta, and the Middle East. Mars Galaxy bar holds a different brand name in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other continental European nations.     

A Galaxy of smooth and luscious flavor: What are the ingredients in Galaxy chocolate bar that make it delicious?

Do you ever wonder what makes a Mars Galaxy Milk Chocolate so pleasurably lush? Each bar is a divine fusion of sugar, skimmed milk powder, cocoa mass, milk fat, and cocoa ingredients such as soya lecithin, whey powder, lactose, cocoa butter, and vegetable fat. This collaboration of flavors produces a silky textured mouthfeel that you can't resist devouring.

Why is Galaxy chocolate so smooth?

You've got to love the rich and creamy consistency of every Mars Galaxy Milk Chocolate bar. This delightful confection has finely-milled chocolate traditionally cooked using a sweet secret recipe guarded to keep Mars Galaxy's silky sensational taste a signature that helps it maintain its second-best chocolate in the world.  

How is Galaxy chocolate made?

Give in to your chocolate cravings and satisfy your taste buds with a chocolate bar so creamy it is so heavenly great! Mars Galaxy Milk Chocolate comes from high-quality cocoa harvested from Côte D'Ivoire and Ecuador, using conventional growing methods and agricultural improvements now and then to keep up with current plant sciences. Each of these mouth-watering bars is perfected throughout the years by having the chocolate well-grained for up to approximately 23 microns, combined with milk and natural vanilla flavoring to produce the Mars Galaxy silky mouthfeel. The chocolate is still made in a crumb oven through a traditional artisanal cooking process. It's no wonder why Britain loves Mars Galaxy Creamy Milk Chocolate, with close to 23 million bars eaten every year!

Is Dove and Galaxy chocolate the same?

Both brands are marketed as chocolate bars and are currently owned by the same company. Even though they take the same product format, a lot of their fan base could tell the difference in taste between the Dove and Galaxy chocolates. Americans and Europeans, especially the British market, have different takes on the taste and consistency of their chocolate treat. It's no wonder you can see varying reviews of the Galaxy bar from an American's perspective and comments about how Dove chocolates taste from a British point of view.

The brands' history also has a factor in all this. Dove goes back to sweet shops named Dove Candies and Ice Cream in Chicago in 1939 and had ice cream bars carrying the Dove brand launched locally in 1956. It took its business to Europe by retailing and manufacturing chocolate bars in the United Kingdom in 1960, bearing the brand name Galaxy. Dove ice cream bars were a hit in Chicago and had the product placement expanded throughout the United States in 1985, starting with selected cities in the country. The Dove brand was acquired in 1986 by Mars, Incorporated, which also owns Galaxy chocolate bars. Dove maintained its brand identity by selling chocolate bars in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other European countries. Galaxy, on the other side of the globe, is distributed in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, the Middle East, Morocco, India, Pakistan, and Malta.

Spoil a loved one with a perfect Galaxy chocolate gift

Chocolates are one of the perfect gifts you could give somebody, whatever occasion you're celebrating. And you know what would top it off? Partnering this delectable sweetmeat with the best tea blends and a teapot is an excellent treat! You can assemble an amazing tea-lovers present by purchasing a bar or two of this Mars Galaxy Creamy Milk Chocolate with a pack of English Tea Store English Breakfast bagged tea and a sturdy Amsterdam 2-cup teapot. Are you finding it hard to choose a Valentine's Day gift? That's not a problem! Fill up a mini basket with a box of Harney and Sons Premiums Red Raspberry Tea, a red infuser teapot, and a Mars Galaxy Chocolate bar to complete the love vibe you can give to your special someone.

A very rich and creamy chocolate candy bar

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