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Infuser Teapots

Here at English Tea Store, we offer a great selection of infuser teapots - in a variety of styles! Choose from simple, small, and low cost with our ceramic infuser teapots, or opt for something a little higher quality with our San Remo. Our glass teapots are made of heat-resistant glass, plus, we offer an extensive selection of t-sacs and tea infusers!
Put the tea ball aside and, instead, boil your beverage in an infuser teapot. Loose leaf tea is meant to be enjoyed, not to be a hassle every time you make a cup. Infuser teapots are the perfect solution to the loose leaf drinker's conundrum: Instead of tossing in the tea ball, put your tea leaves in a mesh strainer. Choose from a few styles of infuser teapots from our store. Ceramic teapots have the traditional look and are a solid color, while glass teapots let you see the color of your beverage. Steel infuser teapots are even included, and each is designed with a heat-resistant handle. If you don't always need a full pot, why not use a glass infuser? Brew a cup without the metallic aftertaste by choosing our T-sac or another individual glass infuser.