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Tea Gifts

Tea Gifts

Premium Tea Gift Sets and Baskets

It's the most wonderful time... of the year. You already know what song that is. And if you are hearing that on the radio and out in department stores, it can only mean one thing; Christmas is coming. While there are certainly plenty of holidays on the docket throughout the year, none have quite the draw as Christmas. Afterall, there isn't many movies about Easter and Thanksgiving from the folks at Hallmark and Hollywood.

With that said, it seems like the draw seems to roll out as early as the end of September, as soon as the weather begins to chill. This can be a little annoying, but I will give this notion some props as it can be quite beneficial to both the merchant and to you. The merchant makes a little extra coin that they might not have made during the holiday rush, and you knock a few gifts off your list without having to shell out 2 weeks' worth of pay or going into debt on your credit card.

But who do you have in mind and what might you be getting around this time? We know you probably have a lot of people in your life you are buying for, so it always helps to take care of whatever you can, whenever you can. Crossing names off that list, checking it twice. And... I know you are probably asking,

"What to get for a tea lover?"

To put it simply, a tea gift set and or a tea basket is a great thing to get for your tea lover. If you know someone who greatly cherishes their morning, afternoon or evening cup of tea, chances are they are going to love a tea gift set and basket. This gives you a chance to customize the entire thing if you choose, to make it a really memorable and thoughtful gift to that special person.

Where to buy tea gift sets?

Right here at the English Tea Store! We have got a variety of custom and premade tea gift sets and baskets fit for any tea drinker.

And if you are buying these ahead of time, like say a couple months before it's time to exchange gifts, you'll want to keep a few things in mind when putting your basket together.

  • Perishables — These are items that tend to have a shorter shelf life and do not last long at room temperature, such as cheeses, some chocolates and fresh fruits. You want to try and avoid these as part of a gift basket, stick with non- perishables.
  • Include something lasting — Which brings us to our next section, something that your person will be able to use many times over and think of you every time. This includes things like memorabilia, mugs, bath toiletries, plush toys and gift cards. The basket itself is something that can be reused down the line, whether that is for display use or even re-gifting, we won't tell anyone.
  • Theme — What kind of theme fits this person you are getting this gift basket for? Are they a sports fanatic? An artist? Do they enjoy baths and long walks on the beach? A youngster? All of these will play a part in picking just the right theme for your basket. You wouldn't exactly want to get a grown man his own pony centric themed gift basket.
  • Customize — Instead of a pre-assembled gift basket, you can select the items to include and make it more personal! This helps you not only address any dietary, religious, or other preferences, but also hit the nail right on the head and get that someone something they really want and will remember for years to come. Customizing also ensures that you are able to take note with all of the above and knock this gift out of the park!

Ordering early can ensure not only you get exactly what you are looking for, but also that you get it on time! With these surefire tips and tricks, you are sure to find something that your very special person is going to love.

We have so many Tea Accessories and Tea Sets that would work wonderful in addition to or with your Tea Gift Basket, so be sure to check them out as well! Our Tea accessories include Matcha Tea Bowls, Tea Chests, Tea Cozies, Tea Timers and many more! Tea Sets include Teacup Sets, Teapots, Saucers, Mugs and anything else you could hope to get in a tea set.

Is tea a good gift?

Tea is a great gift. It lasts quite a while in a gift basket, and you have the opportunity to order something exotic and tasty that your favorite tea drinker might not even have thought of to get for themselves. With the many options we have available at The English Tea Store, you'll wonder why you hadn't ordered from us sooner. The English Tea Store Loose Leaf Teas are a great place to start with a wide selection of delicious blends and available at great prices to boot.

What goes with tea for a gift? Tea Gift Ideas - Accessories and Tea Chests/Boxes for tea Drinkers

There is an array of items that go well with tea for a gift, some of the best are going to be things and accessories that go hand in hand with it. This can include mugs, tea kettles, tea chests, flavor sticks, jams and even some cookies that have a longer shelf life. New teapots, teaspoons and other things that go well with teatime are great additions to your tea gift basket.

Some of my favorite tea sets are from the Amsterdam lineup. These sets are economical, while remaining stylish and made to go with any decor or motif you have set up in your home. They are ceramic, sturdy and come in a spectrum of solid colors.

Tea Christmas and Holiday Gifts

Our Christmas Shop has a lot of different options and ideas to kickstart your Christmas shopping! From Christmas Tea and pudding, mince pies, Christmas Teapots to Christmas cookies and cakes, stocking stuffers and a whole host of many other things to make your life easier and this time of year that much more special!

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