Fine Bone China Teacups

The best Fine Bone China vintage teacups for England's favorite tea

Set a spectacular table filled with fine bone china accommodating your preferred British tea blend. A luxurious, well-deserved treat in a beautiful tea set is the height of any tea time savored since time immemorial. Indulge yourself with friends as you relish your drink in an exquisite cup of delight. English Tea Store has a gorgeous line of teacup and saucer sets to grace your tea parties and most-wanted "me" time over brewed tea. Dazzle your tea table arrangement with a Beau Rose, Iceberg, Cherry Blossom, Purple Pansy, and Sandra's Rose Bone China tea set, or splurge on a little with our charming branded tea ware.Wedgwood is a trusted name when it comes to making the best fine bone china ware since it was established in 1759. Fortunately, English Tea Store carries Wedgwood's magnificent Harlequin Collection! Add an enchanting accent to your blended tea by putting it into a Wedgewood Harlequin Pink, Peach, or Green Cuckoo tea set. Wedgwood constructs its teaware with soft-paste porcelain that contains over 35% of tricalcium orthophosphate. The teacups and saucers are processed finely to make a crystalline white finish that looks awesome for your formal tea gatherings.If you're into dainty florals, the Royal Albert tea set is a name that flaunts the beauty of femininity, perfect for excellent girl time over a cup of tea. Pour your drink into Royal Albert's Old Country Roses, Rose Confetti, Miranda Kerr Friendship, and White New Country Roses fine bone china tea sets. Serving those lovely tea ware since 1896, Royal Albert continues to create captivating flowery printed fine bone china with pastel or polka dot highlights and 22ct gold trimmings. Flowers don't only bloom in gardens. They also flourish imprinted on your teacups and saucers.

Gracie's English teaware

Showcasing various designs fit for any season, Gracie's fine bone china exudes sophistication through the display of Magnolia, Violets, and Roses printed on your tea sets. Gracie's provides your table with high-quality fine bone china tea ware made with sturdy porcelain and bone ash, offering elegantly designed cups and saucers that you can pass on to your children, and even your grandchildren. Create memories with loved ones over a cup of tea with Gracie's fine teaware.Sophistication and durability are the main features of fine bone china teaware. These teacups with saucers are highly recommended for daily use and beautiful to set on the table during special tea parties. Fine bone china tea and coffee cups don't generally chip or break easily. This material is stronger than other teaware made from earthenware and ceramic clay. Fine bone china comes from up to 40% cow bone ash and is molded through two firing processes in the kiln. These firing procedures go up to a maximum of 1,220 degrees Celsius or 2,228 degrees Fahrenheit, strengthening the teacups and saucers and allowing the glaze finish to melt and stick on their surface.This type of tea ware was first established by Thomas Frye in England sometime in 1748 to rival the porcelain products that were shipped from China.

Does tea taste better in a bone china cup?

Fine bone china tea ware offers a smooth glazed surface that blocks the tea's tannins from getting absorbed by its ceramic component. Teacups and pots made from this material are kept warmer for a long while. Savoring a delectable tea is imperative when you brew your favorite tea blend in a fine bone china teapot or sip from a teacup of the same make. Know the difference by picking a fine bone china teacup and saucer set from the rest of English Tea Store's stylish variety of teacup collections.Taking care of brilliant teacups and saucers makes teaware last a lifetime. To preserve the beauty of your fine bone china, proper and regular cleaning is needed to maintain your teaware's sparkling look. You can use your usual home ingredients to make your teacups and saucers spotless or the dependable dishwashing liquid that you put to clean your regular dinnerware. Tidy your teaware with white vinegar to remove the tea stains. All you need is a cup of gently heated white vinegar to soak your fine bone china into. Submerge it for four hours at most, but for tough tea blotches, you might want to let it sit in the bowl of vinegar overnight. Rinse the vinegar off from the teaware in the morning and scrub it with a sponge, bearing dishwashing liquid. Wash the foam with water and towel the teacup and saucer set dry.Make sure you don't use cleaning materials that would cause abrasions to your fine teacups and saucers. As painstaking as it is to get those tea stains off, never use a ball of steel wool to scrub them on your fine bone china. When storing them, put a sheet of tissue paper or napkin in between the saucers and cups to avoid scratching the glazed finish.

Baking soda is also one cleaning agent that you can find inside the house to clean your tea essentials, especially those made from fine bone china. Simply make a paste out of baking soda and a bit of water. Spread over the stained portions of your teacups, saucers, and teapots, and let the mixture stay for ten minutes. Carefully rub the cleaning solution on the teaware until the blemish is wiped off from it. Repeat the process for stubborn tea spots. Once you get all those stains, rinse off the remaining paste from the fine bone china with water and gently scrub it with a sponge and dishwashing soap. Cleanse it again with water and wipe it with a clean fabric.

How to clean these fine bone china tea mugs?

Always inspect your Fine bone china tea sets for instructions for care. It is the safest to handwash your sets with soap warm water. On the other hand, some are mostly safe to use in the dishwasher, just be sure not to overload your dishes. They typically will indicate best care practices on the box or underneath the teaware. Be on the lookout for gold trimmings in the design of your teacups and saucers as these accents may get ruined when you place them inside the microwave or the dishwasher. Since this tea ware is the toughest kind to set on the table, it lasts longer especially when you take proper care and handling of this elegant piece. Fine bone china is even passed on to generations, flaunting its timeless magnificent prints with the precious memories it bears.