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English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast Tea - One of the best British black teas

Every tea lover knows this flavorful black tea blend. It has been widely known for the longest time to satisfy the British people's palates and would eventually satisfy the world's taste buds since its concoction. The English Breakfast tea is a blend of different black tea variants, made to produce a distinct flavor, now enjoyed as a favorite among tea drinkers. Tea enthusiasts sometimes call this blend Builder's tea or Bog-Standard tea. Whatever name they call it, this Breakfast tea presents a lively cup with unique characteristics, perfect at any time of the day. 

The History and Tradition of England's Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast tea has been in the market for so long people don't quite know its story of origin. There are two assumptions about the creation of one of England's finest teas. One theory dates back to New York City in 1843 when an English immigrant named Richard Davies was believed to have blended Chinese teas together to make this world-famous brew. The infusion has a rich, balanced flavor of savory and meaty notes from the combined black tea variants.

Another speculation is that English Breakfast tea came from a Scottish tea merchant, Robert Drysdale, in 1892. Drysdale put together a balanced blend of Ceylon, Keemun, and Assam tea leaves, which he sampled to Queen Victoria at the Balmoral castle. The Queen reportedly liked the taste of this tea, so much so, that she took a hefty supply with her back to England, giving birth to the name, "English Breakfast tea."

Breakfast tea, regardless of how you believe came about has evolved through time and is now a little different in regard to strengths and flavors. Today, people will find this tea's robustness based upon the regions where it is blended. The English, Irish, and Scottish Breakfast teas feature a collaboration of tea leaves from China, India, Sri Lanka, and Africa.

Including a cup of strong black tea with your breakfast meal is a long-time tradition and custom practiced by English people since Catherine of Braganza from Portugal. Her influence in popularizing tea drinking introduced the consumption of this beverage in every British household.  

Nutrients and calories: English Breakfast Tea's nutritional composition

English Breakfast tea, like other true teas, is packed with antioxidants and minerals beneficial to your body. An infusion contains flavonoids, lipoproteins , magnesium, potassium, folate, phosphorus, fluoride, and L-theanine amino acid. This extraordinary tea blend offers polyphenols such as catechins, thearubigins, and theaflavins, providing the necessary health agents to maintain the well-being of your body. Breakfast tea has zero caloric content, perfect for the weight-conscious tea drinker.  

Ingredients and flavor: What does English Breakfast tea taste like? Is it ok to add milk to the brew?

A pleasing cup of English Breakfast tea boasts a rich balance of black teas. It is a fusion of India's Assam, Sri Lanka's Ceylon, China's Keemun, and Kenyan tea leaves. These ingredients contribute to the Breakfast tea's dynamic taste that everyone over generations has grown to love. Assam tea leaves are responsible for the malty and bitter hints of the blend. Ceylon has piney and sour notes, while Keemun shares a citrus and smoky taste. The fruity and floral elements come from Kenyan black tea. Layering these ingredients together results in an irresistible blend that is loved by many. This bold tea projects a smooth blend without sweeteners but is also great with milk and sugar. Choose creamier milk variants, such as whole, almond, or cashew milk.

What is the difference between English Breakfast and Earl Grey?

English Breakfast and Earl Grey teas, though they are made from layers of black tea, are contrasting in taste and strength, even caffeine levels. In terms of flavor, English Breakfast tea has a robust taste compared to the mildness of Earl Grey. The latter has a citrusy flavor because of the bergamot oil mixed with the signature taste of Earl Grey tea. Breakfast tea does not have the tangy hints of bergamot, presenting a stronger and darker bodied tea infusion. 

The Breakfast tea is an exclusive blend made only from black tea leaves with only two variants in the market, and sadly is not available in green, oolong, white, or herbal tea types. Earl Grey tea is the total opposite, as it has five kinds everyone can choose from. This citrusy version goes with any kind of tea, even complementing Pu'erh, honeybush, and rooibos tea forms, making it more enjoyable for more tea aficionados.

Because both are composed of black tea leaves, these teas are caffeinated. However, they differ in the caffeine levels they each hold. Since Breakfast teas are purely a combination of black tea leaves, this tea tends to have more caffeine than the Earl Grey blend. 

How much caffeine is in a cup of English Breakfast tea? Is English Breakfast tea stronger than coffee?

This tea may be bold, strong, and contain a lot of caffeine but not as much to get you all jumpy through the day or restless before bedtime. English Breakfast tea's caffeine content ranges from 30 to 70 mg of caffeine, 40mg on average. Steeping your loose tea leaves or tea bag plays a part in the release of a strong or light caffeine level. The Breakfast tea, however, offers lesser caffeine than a cup of brewed coffee. Maximize the brewing time of your tea, or get the extra bold blend if you want more caffeine infused into your cup. But if you wish to get lesser than usual, try Twinings English Breakfast Decaf Tea to get the flavor you crave but not too much caffeine.

The Benefits of English Breakfast Tea: What is English Breakfast Tea good for?

With all the nutrients and minerals that make up this tea, yes, the English Breakfast blend is a good drink for you to have every day. This beverage is composed of healthy agents that fight free radicals to keep one's body, mind, and beauty in great shape. Here are some advantages you can get from imbibing this flavorful tea. 

Bringing down blood cholesterol levels and development of diabetes

Theaflavin and thearubigins present, as antioxidants, in English Breakfast tea control high fat and bad cholesterol in the body. These antioxidants regulate hyperlipidemia to lessen sugar or glucose in the blood and improve insulin production. This activity brought by regular tea intake shields you from high cholesterol levels, atherosclerosis, and related high-fat sicknesses. Atherosclerosis results in the thickening of the arteries leading to plaque buildup in the inner arterial lining.

Healthy, stroke-free heart 

Regular consumption of English Breakfast tea brings a lot of advantages to your body. One of these benefits reduces the risk of heart attacks and stroke since drinking tea opens blocked arteries and lowers blood glucose, blood pressure, low-density lipoprotein, and triglyceride levels in one's body. This tea's flavonoids help keep the tea drinker away from coronary heart diseases. Have a happy heart with every sip of this world-favorite British tea blend.  

Good digestion

A healthy stomach is important to absorb the nutrients your body requires to live well. But how? Indulging in a healthy drink like English Breakfast tea helps your body function properly. This British blend is a gut-friendly tea composed of polyphenols to enhance the growth of good bacteria and impede the presence of bad bacteria in your digestive tract. Good bacteria trigger better digestion and boost the body's metabolism. It all starts with your gut and it's not just a feeling! It's a healthy fact.

Prevention of cancer cell growth

Fighting cancer can exhaust the body, mind, and lifetime savings. Stop those cancer cells from growing too fast by taking your English Breakfast tea every day. Drinking this tea habitually impedes your chances of acquiring this deadly disease and slows down the growth of cancer cells for those who are already suffering from it. Breakfast tea's polyphenols, particularly a compound called theaflavin-3′-monogallate or TF-2, serve as a potential anti-angiogenic agent responsible for helping a person block off or battle the Big C.

Flash those pearly whites and smile!

Confidence is unlocked with that healthy set of teeth. English Breakfast tea has a fluoride component intended to save your teeth from tooth decay and make your gums in good shape. A cup of English Breakfast tea contains 0.5mg of fluoride, a mineral known to prevent dental cavities from developing in your teeth. Your taste buds are not the only ones fulfilled, but your teeth are too!

Better attention, mental focus, and stress reliever

The Breakfast tea is a great morning beverage to have to kick start your day. Since English Breakfast tea comes from layers of black tea leaves, it contains L-theanine amino acid that increases your mental focus, alertness, and attention to detail. Black tea is also caffeinated, and so is its Breakfast blend to keep you up and going throughout the day, as its name suggests. Breakfast tea is a refreshing drink to have in the morning, lowering one's cortisol levels, or the body's prime stress hormone. Start your marvelous day with a cup of this relaxing tea to boost your day.

The old and new English Breakfast tea blends from trusted brands

The English Breakfast blend has been so popular worldwide that many tea companies put it into their product line. The oldest British brands in the tea industry hold this traditional blend and create special twists to keep the English Breakfast tea still relevant with the evolving tastes of new tea enthusiasts. When you talk about tea, you should not miss the world's favorites, breakfast tea is one of those treasured infusions.

Twinings' unique taste

Craving a cup of smooth, flavorful, and robust tea? Twinings' English Breakfast tea offers a strong blend infused with black tea leaves from Kenya, Indonesia, Assam, Malawi, and China. This traditional blend features its signature full-bodied taste adored by many across generations. Take a sip of this classic tea any time of the day with friends and loved ones, as it is available in 20, 50, and 100-count tea bags.

Twinings' English Breakfast tea with lemon notes is also up for grabs here at the English Tea Store! Enjoy a bright, well-balanced infusion from the classic breakfast blend and the tanginess of natural lemons. What a fantastic way to start your day!

English Tea Store's No. 1 and 2 English Breakfast infusions

Try the strongest brew the English Tea Store offers from its own roster of tea products. The ETS English Breakfast tea blend presents two kinds of infusions. Our English Breakfast Tea No. 1 gives an exceptional full malty taste from a rich dark-colored liquid. It guarantees a quicker steeping time and better infusion because Breakfast Tea No. 1 is made of finer leaf size compared to the English Breakfast Blend No. 2. Our second blend is composed of larger tea leaves that require a slower brewing time to extract the full-bodied flavor of this all-time-favorite tea. Both blends taste incredible with a dash of milk or sugar.

English Tea Store also has an organic full-bodied Breakfast tea. This variant has blended organic teas from Sri Lanka, Tanzania, India, and China, brewing a coppery liquor with soft hints of jam-like, toasty flavors. Our organic Breakfast blend is certified by USDA and QMI Organic.

Brew the best English treat in loose-leaf, tea bags, and K-cups

Savor the English Breakfast Tea in whatever form suits your palate. You can experience a quality brew by pouring filtered water over your loose-leaf Breakfast tea inside your teapot infuser. This tea form releases the richest flavors you can get by this classic blend. But, if you're looking for a convenient way to enjoy your Breakfast tea, English Tea Store has tea bags of this British tea in various quantities. Enjoy your bagged English tea directly in your cup anywhere you are without too much effort and tea ware. This well loved tea for more than a century steps into the modern day, with the relatively new K-cup pods. See what the fuss is all about by including this English treat with your morning meal.