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Digestive Biscuits

English Tea Store's Digestive Cookies: The best high-fiber Mcvitie's and sugar-free Gullón Digestive Biscuits for your nutrition

Every diet-conscious person's best bud on snack time is this partly sweet biscuit known to have beneficial effects on one's body. The English Tea Store offers the best digestive biscuits carried by unparalleled brands to help you maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Among these digestives are from McVitie's and Gullón, two of the finest producers of biscuits throughout Europe. Both have their own secret recipes, making these two names the giants in the biscuit business. If you're looking for the best wheat sweet-meal biscuits at an affordable price, the English Tea Store has Europe's leading snack brands for your nourishing refreshment.

What are digestive biscuits or cookies?

As heavenly and fulfilling as the regular biscuits and cookies, the digestives are typically made of grainy brown wheat flour and leavened mainly with baking soda powder. It was first put together in Scotland by two Scottish doctors in 1839 to help people with digestion problems. The digestives, as they coined it, bore antacid features derived from using sodium bicarbonate and fiber in the baking process. The inclusion of the diastatic malt extract came into use to digest the starch in the flour before the biscuits are baked. These ingredients help the body to control its acidity levels and soothe stomach aches.

In 1892, the market for digestive cookies widen in the United Kingdom. McVitie's became the first manufacturer of digestive biscuits and had been the front-runner in selling these healthy golden-baked cookies in the UK, with the secret recipe introduced by Alexander Grant to take part in this success. The manufacturing instructions of the digestives were patented in the United States, having this nourishing malted bread to cater to people with weak digestion.

These well-loved digestive biscuits and cookies generally have a unique texture and taste that comes from coarse brown whole wheat flour, sugar, malt extract, butter or vegetable oil, wholemeal, raising agents, and salt.

Get to have a bit more fun with your cup of tea or coffee by dunking a biscuit into your brew. But, be quick to consume each digestive as it softens fast once wet. Digestive biscuits hold the fourth rank for the most dunked biscuit into a tea by British consumers. This snack is also served as crackers with cheese, perfect to munch on tea parties or during coffee breaks at work. The digestive biscuits are much more enjoyed nowadays as they have become a nutritional ingredient for cheesecakes and other desserts, making a base layer to these delectable pastries.

Enrich your body with healthy sweetmeats brought to you by these digestive biscuits.

Brighten your day with chocolate-covered British digestive biscuits

Here at English Tea Store, we value the health benefits and satisfaction our product gives you. Our digestive biscuits offer you superior brands with their diverse best-selling digestive variants. Indulge yourself in the pleasures of having a nourishing treat, highlighted by the divine lusciousness of its chocolate craze. McVitie's milk and dark chocolate digestives make rewarding dibs, not only for adults with indigestion but also for children and pregnant women. These choco-coated digestive biscuits are in for a tasty treat that everyone loves since their creation in 1925 and have been the number one favorite snack to invade the UK's biscuit industry. Comfort your craving as you munch on at least three chocolate digestives in one serving without feeling the guilt of giving in to this luscious yet healthy confection.

Are digestive biscuits healthier than normal biscuits?

When it comes to health benefits, digestive biscuits provide better after-effects to the body. It is packed with more fiber and proteins to help your digestive system in tip-top function. But keep in mind to still consume digestives in moderation as they are also composed of sugar, salt, fats, and refined flour. Despite both these kinds of biscuits' wheat composition, producing standard biscuits use less wheat to make the flour compared to digestive biscuits that contain more wheat or 85% white flour for fiber content. If you're torn between choosing these two, go for what is best for your digestion needs.

The benefits of digestive biscuits

Are digestive cookies good for your health?

Don't you know that there are more benefits in store for you when you nibble on these digestive biscuits? Other than soothing your gut problems and keeping it healthy, digestives keep you satiated for longer hours, enabling you to control your weight and reduce the risks of diabetes. It is helpful for improved bowel movement and healthy body waste elimination due to its high fiber content. Digestives are favorable treats that can also aid in heart and cardiovascular system health. These biscuits, being mainly composed of wheat grains, can aid against the dangers of a heart attack, stroke, and some cancer types. They soothe heartburn and abdominal discomfort and manage hypotension. Expecting mothers can also rely on digestive biscuits to help them get through constipation and morning sickness. Serve these fiber-rich biscuits with fruits to amp up the nutrition your body needs to boost your energy throughout the day.

The number of calories in a digestive biscuit

Weight watchers and health enthusiasts love to enjoy food that has fewer calories, assisting their bodies to easily burn them through basic metabolism, digestion, and exercise. The digestive biscuits are the perfect snack, especially for those weight-conscious individuals. One of the leading healthy wheatmeal biscuit variants, McVitie's Original Digestives, offers 71 calories for every biscuit containing 15g. Approximately 18 minutes of walking or dancing can make a person weighing 57kg or 125lbs expend 71 calories. Take charge of a balanced healthy lifestyle with the food you eat, your active physical activities, and your obedience to your food diet. There's nothing more important than your health because as the cliche says, it is indeed your wealth.

A healthy ingredient for your cake recipe

Create happy moments with your family by introducing a healthy ingredient into your cake recipe. Using digestives as a crust base for a mouthwatering strawberry cheesecake is not a common practice but these British tea digestive biscuits deliver a thick, less sweet, and crisp texture to your confection.

These biscuits can also grace the entirety of your heavenly pastries as you include digestive crumbs into the cake mixture, making a biscuit-filled cake that is perfect to go with chocolate, berries, marshmallows, honeycombs, and meringue.

Relish your digestive biscuits as it is with tea or coffee, or make something out of them to tickle your taste buds.