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Jams, Honey & Spreads

Shop Premium Jams, Honey & Spreads: Devon Cream Company Clotted Creams, Bonne Maman Jams, Mileeven Irish Honey & Honey Sticks

Welcome to our delightful collection of Jams, Honey & Spreads, where you can find a curated selection of the finest spreads from Europe to heighten your culinary experience. Our range features traditional clotted cream, Devon double cream, a variety of marmalades, delectable jams, pure honey, and convenient honey sticks. 

The UK's fascination with clotted cream dates back centuries, making it an essential part of the classic British tea time. This rich and creamy delicacy pairs perfectly with freshly baked scones (Shop our Scone Mixes here!), creating an indulgent treat that’s hard to resist. We proudly offer clotted cream and Devon double cream from the Devon Cream Company, renowned for their authentic and high-quality dairy products. Additionally, we carry shelf-stable clotted and Devon cream by Somerdale, ensuring you can enjoy these delights anytime without refrigeration.

Devon double cream is equally luxurious, offering a smooth, velvety texture that enhances any dessert or breakfast dish. Perfect for enhancing your favorite recipes or simply enjoying on its own, this cream brings a touch of British tradition to your table.

We are also delighted to feature the renowned French preserves and marmalades by Bonne Maman, famous for their high-quality ingredients and homemade taste. Whether you prefer the sweet and tangy flavors of strawberry, raspberry, or apricot, these jams are sure to delight your taste buds. For those who love to entertain or enjoy variety, our 1oz jars of Bonne Maman jams and clotted creams are perfect. Available by the case, they offer both convenience and savings.

Additionally, our English Tea Store Honey Sticks are a sweet and convenient addition to your snack packs or tea on the go. These individual honey straws are single-serve, making them perfect for travel or a quick, mess-free addition to your favorite beverages. They are gluten-free and Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union, ensuring quality and inclusivity for a variety of dietary needs.

Explore our selection and discover why these beloved spreads are a staple in kitchens around the world. Whether you’re hosting an afternoon tea, preparing a gourmet breakfast, or simply looking to add a touch of sweetness to your day, our Jams, Honey & Spreads category has everything you need.