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PG Tips Loose Leaf Tea

PG Tips Loose Leaf Tea

We also sell PG Tips in its distinctive pyramid-shaped teabags. Here's how Arthur Brooke described his still-famous tea after first introducing it to English tea lovers in 1869. "Good tea unites good company, exhilarates the spirits, banishes restraint from conversation and promotes the happiest purposes of social intercourse," he wrote. Enjoy a cup of PG Tips tea with your friends.

Visit our "About Tea" page to learn how to brew a perfect cup using loose-leaf teas. We sell electric teakettles and handsomely crafted teapots and teacups in porcelain, ceramic and fine bone china at prices to fit every budget. Use one of our tea strainers to avoid getting tea leaves in your cup. We also carry favorite imported British treats to serve with tea.