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Bird's Custard Powder - 600g

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The Original Bird's Custard Powder 600g: The Best English Custard Powder You'll Ever Taste

Try every baker's best friend in making mouthwatering baked dishes with custard delight. The Original Bird's Custard Powder shares the same thick, creamy smooth paste but without the presence of egg in its mixture. Egg allergies? Well, Bird's got your desserts covered! Enjoy your favorite pies, cakes, tarts, and every sweet pudding conveniently with Bird's most preferred unique-flavored custard perfection. Be one of the many millions who had tasted the magic of Bird's Custard Powder and put it as a must-have item for their kitchen cupboard.

The History of Bird's Custard Powder

Making homemade custard possible for 185 years and counting, Bird's Custard Powder continues to give a delicious smooth paste finish to your delectable sweeties straight from your own kitchen. Bird's Custard Powder is the successful brainchild of Alfred Bird, first concocted in 1837 inside his chemist store in Birmingham. The custard powder came as a solution to Bird's wife's allergy to eggs which happen to be an important ingredient for condensing traditional custard. He first served this egg-free custard plate one evening at his diner and it was so well accepted by his customers that he produced the same recipe for a bigger market.

Bird's Custard Powder became so famous it gave birth to Alfred Bird and Sons Ltd. This product has been passed on to different companies throughout the years and landed with Premier Foods in 2021. Despite the changes in ownership, Bird's Custard Powder remains to commit the same custard magic that everyone in the family loves for over a century.

What are the ingredients of Bird's Custard Powder and why is it pink?

Staying true to its promise of egg-free custard, Bird's Custard Powder is composed of cornflour, salt, Annatto Norbixin color, and flavoring. The cornflour base of this product is the main key to achieving the thick, velvety consistency of the powder mixture. The Annatto is responsible for making this custard pink. It is a natural food coloring that brings subtle peppery and nutmeg-flavored hints. This product does not use artificial colors and is recommended for vegetarians.

Is Bird's Custard Powder gluten-free?

Never fret because Bird's offers a gluten-free custard powder! Premier Foods ensure that the production of all Bird's Custard Powder is made in a highly controlled environment to reduce the chances of spoiling the product with gluten-composed ingredients.

How do you make custard using Bird's Custard Powder?

Have the most talked about lush creamy custard taste and paste texture by mixing sugar and milk with two tablespoons of Bird's Custard Powder in a pot. You can use other milk sources such as goat's milk, soya milk, rice milk, and lactose-free milk as these dairy substitutes can also thicken the custard powder. However, the taste of the custard may also differ when you decide to use these milk alternatives.

Once the powder and sugar are dissolved in the mixture, add two cups of simmering milk and gently heat the blended ingredients until it comes to a boil. Alas! Let your homemade custard grace those irresistibly scrumptious desserts.

Delicious Bird's Custard Powder recipes

Create heavenly sweetmeats, sauces, and pastries by including Bird's Custard Powder in your homestyle recipes. Do the chocolate, fruit, or steamed caramel custard, a biscuit pudding, custard creams, cupcakes, Bundt cakes, fruit tarts, traditional English trifle, and Dutch pancakes all with the remarkable taste and consistency of Bird's Custard Powder. This product is the secret ingredient that turns your simple confections into divine sweet dishes made for the gods.

This container comes with a re-sealable plastic lid.

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