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Find your favorite flavor of Walker's Crisps from England at English Tea Store. We have individual bags and 24-pack cases of crisps, Britain's word for potato chips. All Walkers' Crisps are now made with a sunflower oil called Sunseed, which reduces saturated fats by 70 percent. Buy your favorite, or try a new taste in these famous crisps.

Americans like potato chips, but Great Britain loves its crisps, especially Walkers' Crisps. Walkers is the biggest crisp manufacturer in the world, processing more than 800 tons of potatoes a day to make this world-famous snack. Also shop our other British food favorites, from candies and biscuits to mince pies, Christmas puddings, Scottish shortbread and Irish mustards. Enjoy your U.K. treats with a cup of tea by PG Tips, Taylors or Harrogate, Lion or other famous British tea brands. Enjoy our own English Tea Store brand of imported teas.