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To serve the perfect cup of tea, a tea set just needs a little tweaking. Our accessory section has various sugar and creamer sets, items to keep the tea warm, utensils, and containers for storing teabags and already-brewed tea. Our sugar and creamer sets are patterned with many of our familiar designs and will fit in with the rest of a tea set. Similarly, we carry several sugar tongs and spoons in both gold and silver that will match with any tea set. To keep the tea warm, we carry tea cozies in a few patterns, with new designs arriving weekly. Supposedly, the tea cozy was invented in Ireland in the 1600s, according to a legend about a man leaning across the table, only to have his hat fall on a pot of tea and realize it kept the pot warm. Dome tea cozies are a traditional shape, but we also carry Snuggie cozies, which fold around and envelope the pot with warmth. For practical items, our accessory section has an assortment of strainers to catch leaves when pouring tea, infusers, and starter kits for brewing hot and iced teas. Also, to store the tea, either in bags or after a batch has been brewed, we carry tea chests and storage containers.